Farmers Market Vendor Information

2022 Farmers Market Vendor Information & Rules

LOCATION:  Parking lot of the First Southern Baptist Church – specifically the lot located on Central Avenue and off the alley beside the Old School Apartment building.

WHEN: Market is held every Thursday; 5:00pm-7:00pm beginning June, 2023 through the first week of September 2023

  • Camden Farmers Market welcomes vendors selling fresh, locally grown produce, handmade crafts and homemade items.
  •  Categories include but are not limited to the following definitions:
    • FARM PRODUCT VENDOR - Majority of your products are produce, meat, eggs, flowers or plants
    • BAKED/PROCESSED FOOD VENDOR - Majority of your products are baked, processing or prepared foods.
    • ARTISAN/CRAFTER - majority of your products are art/craft related and handmade/created.
  • All products sold at the Market must be handmade, homemade, baked, home grown or grown locally. The USDA definition of “local” is grown within 100 miles. If a vendor purchases produce at an auction or wholesale place, he/she may sell those items at our Market and we will assume the vendor has verified it is grown locally within 100 miles.
  • Members of the vendor’s family or the vendor’s employees may work in the booth. Covering an absent vendor’s booth or having another vendor’s items in your booth is also allowed.

  • If weighing goods, scales must be legal for trade.
  • Meat & eggs – please refer to ODA/USDA regulations and guidelines.
  • Prepared foods - Sampling is not permitted. If creating single servings for sale on site, a food vendor license is required. Please create individual portions BEFORE coming to the ‘Market’ or refer to Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Cottage Food Production Operation.
  • Arts/crafts - Must be designed and/or made by the vendor.
  • Individual insurance coverage is the responsibility of the vendor. If a customer or fellow vendor is injured because of your actions or products, it is your responsibility, not the responsibility of the ‘Market’ or the Village of Camden.
  • Other responsibilities of the vendor: Taxes, licensing, permits, certifications, inspections, liability, safety, etc.
  • Vendors must arrive no earlier than 4:00pm and must vacate the ‘Market’ area by 8:00pm taking all trash, goods, supplies and items with them. Nothing is to be left behind. If you will be late or absent, please contact the Patty Cole, the Market Manager at 937-533-5789.
  • Vendors are encouraged to stay for the entire ‘Market.' If leaving early, please be sure not to disrupt other vendor or market attendee activities or flow.  You must carry all booth items to your car and may not drive a vehicle or trailer into the market area to load items.
  • No smoking of any kind or soliciting is allowed at this market.
  • The Market Manager and/or Camden Comeback has authority to assign vendor spaces, settle disputes, enforce rules, disqualify vendors for violations of rules and issue other policies for the smooth functioning of the Market.  Camden Comeback holds the right to refuse membership to a new vendor and to refuse the right to sell specific items if the product does not complement the Market as a whole.

Phone:  937.533.1383
Email Information:


You may register for the full June-Oct season ($50) or for one day ($10). There are three ways to register to participate in the 2023 Camden Farmers Market:


Thank you for joining us for Camden's 2022 Farmers Market events!